Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Randomness from Day One of 2014

Taking down the Christmas decor and flying helicopters

My good friend, Annette gave our family the best game for Christmas. Telestrations. We love it and have been playing it for two days straight. We laugh so hard. 

It's kind of like the telephone game. One person writes down a word, the next person has to draw that word on the next page, then the next person has to guess what the drawing is on the next page, and so on, until it gets back to the original writer of the word. For our game last night, the word was beaver and Kent drew a beaver. On the next page, Kolby guessed that it was Perry the Platypus, so this was my rendition of Perry the Platypus. Why Kenyon guessed "duck" I'll never know!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning Success

 They woke up at 7:16 am. It was so nice to sleep in on Christmas morning! 
Mom and Dad were awake before the kids for once!

 Santa wrapped the room, as usual. A favorite tradition :)

 Everyone is wearing their Superhero pj bottoms and Kenyon is holding his Superhero rice bag.
All were opened on Christmas Eve, which we spent with Grum and Gump, and after opening all of
the wonderful presents they brought us, we didn't even need a Christmas morning! 
Thank you so much, Grum and Gump! You spoiled us, as usual. We love you!

 Everyone got Superhero watches

 Remote control helicopters

 What could this be???

 EVERYONE got just what they wanted :)

"And there it was, the whole mess!"
(An expression used in my home growing up for as long as I can remember. 
It was a phrase coined by my sister, Lisa, when she was just a little girl.)

I just love this email from my dear Mom after Christmas:

Hi Lisa! What and how are you guys doing up there in the North Pole?  We are doing fine, just being lazy and enjoying our memories of our three fun Christmas Eve parties.

Monday evening -  We spent Christmas Eve with the Laycocks, which was beautiful, yummy, lovely and of good report .  Only one grandchild to do the entertaining, but as always, he lived up to the occasion as he tried very hard to keep us all laughing at him and his athletic abilities. He IS amazing!  (By next Xmas he will have two more little guys to help him out! Fun, fun).  We took turns reading from Luke 2, told about our favorite Xmas memories and thoroughly enjoyed Christmas Eve with the Laycocks.  As we drove home we thought about Lisa's famous Xmas quote . . . "Vogil, we just opened the door and there it was . . . THE WHOLE MESS!"

Tuesday evening - We spent Christmas Eve at the Jepperson family home which was decorated to the hilt.  A wonderful time was had by all.  Good food, good company, and a good visit.  The guys were patiently awaiting a visit from Santa . . . we helped release their excitement as they opened a couple of gifts and you know how mesmerizing those techie gifts can be.  At dinner the whip cream on Kodak's whiskers made us a little nervous until we learned where it came from . . . not the dessert.  After all, she (the dog) had to be part of the family Xmas fun!  I loved the picture on Facebook of her opening her gift - Santa seemed to know just what she wanted!  We had such a very nice, quiet, evening with the Jeppersons . . . (I was never that prepared and relaxed on Xmas Eve, Kim, how do you do it?)  As we watched Kim do her motherly Christmas duties we thought back 40 years ago when a cute little Christmas babe, with dimples! was delivered to us IN A CHRISTMAS STOCKING! What a wonderful Xmas gift!

Thursday evening - We went up to Tannie's for Xmas Eve with her crew.  Love that traditional Xmas eve meal she fixes . . . so yummy.  The evening was both fun and funny.
"And it came to pass" . . . the narrator, Brandon, read ( . . . and created the words that were missing).   Mayla was upset and threw a Mayla fit when the angel costume got put on River.  Mark, the donkey, was taking the pregnant Mary, Jocelyn, to Bethlehem but a shepherd, Grayson, kept trying to climb aboard, tripping the donkey so Mary was having a hard time hanging on. (I was sure she would have the babe before she reached the stable!)  Joseph, Kal, however, was very attentive to his wife and baby.  Baby Jesus, Sawyer, was too hungry to be born so Baby Jesus had to be played by Amarie, (I think that's what happened???).  The shepherds, Grayson and Boston, kept trying to drag each other with their staff crooks. . . they fit perfectly around their necks.  The three very tall, impressive wisemen with their techie beards, Chris-David Ryan-and Zack,  arrived with gifts from afar, after being guided by the Star shining brightly in the east, River, (who had to give up her angel costume so Mayla could be the angel.  What a nativity production we beheld!  Christmas Eve with the Flammers was wonderful.

After witnessing all that Christmas Spirit and all those ridiculous (comfy) pajamas, on our way home we quoted what Tannie said after every Christmas . . . "this was the best Christmas ever!"  

Thank goodness there were 3 Christmas Eves this year.  Worked out perfectly for us and the weather cooperated.  Now its back to booooring and chicken-noodle soup!

Thanks to all and to all a good night!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Taffy Pull!

For a few years, my boys have gone to the McQueen's home for taffy pulls. They come home so happy and they talk about how much fun these taffy pulls are. Last year, I found a piece of this said taffy in one of Kaden's pockets. Oh my goodness. Party in my mouth.

So I've been bugging Ondra for the recipe and guess what? Obnoxious person that I am, I got our family an invitation to a real live taffy pull at the McQueen's beautiful new home!!!!

We had so much fun…

 My mouth is watering right now…

I'm pretty sure I would NOT be able to recreate this magical event on my own, but now that I have experienced it, my life has been fulfilled. THANK YOU McQueens!!!

Thanksgiving 2013

Every time I take my camera to a family event, and start taking pictures but then I think I'm annoying my family so I put the camera away. Then I come home and load the pictures to my computer and I wish I had ignored my embarrassment and taken more pictures! From now on, (sorry family and friends,) I'm ignoring your annoyance and taking more pictures!

This year our Jepperson family Thanksgiving happened a week ago at Grandma and Grandpa's. It was wonderful and delicious (for everyone but poor Kent, who came down with the stomach flu that very day and spent the next several days in bed.) Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa for always taking the time to host our family get togethers.

The Gleave family Thanksgiving happened the night before Thanksgiving at the Laycock's beautiful home. I marveled at how big our family has become. I fear that getting together is soon going to be too difficult, but I'm so grateful for these people I love so much. Thank you, thank you, Laycock family for hosting such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving day, we (I) slept in for as long as Kodak would let me, and then I took her on a walk while Kent went to the Ward Turkey Bowl. I came home, started the meal prep, took a nap, watched a Netflix movie (Star Trek) with the boys, had Thanksgiving Dinner with just the six of us, took another nap, and then went to a movie together (a rare occasion! - The Hunger Games Catching Fire.) We then came home, ate pie and ice cream, and watched Hercules on Netflix. It was such a relaxing day and it was so fun to just have my kiddos to myself. That is such a rare occasion any more. I loved it. I'm incredibly grateful for my family, on both sides. They all better watch out, though, because I'm going to be taking more pictures. I just am. I let too many memories slip by without capturing them.